Mattress Cleaning

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 Mattress stains generally come odours, Deepcleaningkl  can delivers a supreme service with their stain and odour removal for mattresses. I have over 5 years of experience dealing with such problems.


Stains only become permanent when left for to long. With the right technique they can be easily removed and your mattress can look, smell and feel like new again, my experience is vast and varied.  My products and practices are certified as safe to use and are eco friendly. When used correctly, my stain and odour removal results are incredible. My number one priority is the health and wellbeing of you and your family. Carrying the safest products and using the correct techniques while cleaning is my objective.

My success rate is extremely high when conducting any service for stain and odour removal for mattresses;

• Urine stains
• Blood stains
• Vomit stains
• Sweat stains
• Coffee stains
• Scuff marks
And others

starting price from rm90-rm120


If I can’t get that stain out of your mattress, no one can


Getting a service for stain and odour removal for mattresses is easy.

Contact me today and tell me what type of stain or odour removal you’re struggling with.

I’m here to help, even if you just need advice.

After 5 years working with all types of stains on all types of mattresses I pride myself on being the best in kuala lumpur when it comes to stain and odour removal for mattresses. If you can contact me sooner rather than later if an accident occurs on your mattress my results are more conclusive. Saying that I nearly always get satisfying results on mattress stains that are even years old.